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WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS: The band's online show announced!

The Progressive Death Doom band WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS is known for, besides always making releases with impeccable quality, is that in their shows the band brings an incredible energy, uniting with the sound quality that they produce. Now the whole world will be able to witness what is a show of the Chilean band.

Weight of Emptiness has just announced a show, which will be held at the Warehouse Studio, on November 14, starting at 5 pm and which can be watched by purchasing your virtual ticket through Eventrid. The entrance fee is a voluntary contribution, starting at 1000 Chilean pesos, which would be approximately 1.30 dollars and the amount will be reverted to the technicians who will help the presentation to take place. Soon the link will be released in order to purchase the ticket.

The band promises a special set list for this presentation, which will feature songs from their first 2 albums, "Anfractuous Moments for Redemption" and "Conquering The Deep Cycle", in addition to some surprises. To get in the mood for the show, check out the video clip for the song "Unbreakable":

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