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Heavy guitars, captivating melodies, clever lyrics and very inspiring vocal lines, combined with a very creative and solid bass and drums.
This is the recipe for one of the best Symphonic Metal bands in Brazil, coming directly from Rio de Janeiro and already playing in Europe
Welcome the sound that only Revengin can create!



In 2008, the band Revengin was formed, an ambitious project that aimed to mix Heavy Metal with symphonic elements by a team composed of great musicians from the state of Rio de Janeiro.

After a few months, the EP, Synergy of the Ashes (2009), hit the market and quickly became popular and the name, Revengin, appeared in many press vehicles.

However, it was in 2014 that the band made its big leap with the release of the album "Cymatics", an album that containing 11 tracks and that enable the musicians going on their first European tour that pass through Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Holland and Germany.

Revengin work is intelligent and addresses the studies of waves associated with the physical patterns produced by the interaction of sound waves in a medium.

Six years after the release of Cymatics, the band that has presented news in recent months, resumes its activities in 2020 and starts working on its new album, which is in the process of mixing and mastering.

The band also participated in several online festivals in South America in 2020, such as Tinkuy del Rock in Peru, the Times of Plagues of Chile, both held in August. In early October the band released a new EP called "Inner Dark", including 2 songs that will be on the new album, plus an acoustic version of "Nine Chains of Sorrow", from the first album "Cymatics".

At the end of 2020 the video clip for the song "Dance Around The Flames" was released, Which increased the band's exposure even more, being featured in several media outlets and at the end of April the band released the video clip for the song "Repairless" , which features images recorded in Ushuaia, Argentina and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The clip attracted a lot of attention and ended up drawing interviews for vehicles and radio stations in Peru, Spain, Argentina and the United States.

The current line-up is Bruna Rocha (Vocalist), Thiago Contrera (Guitarist / Guttural Vocals), Emerson Mordien (Bassist), Wilson Santos (Keyboardist) and Hugo Bhering (Drummer).

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