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Career Management and
Band's Marketing!

The world of music is constantly evolving and we in EM Music Management are always on the lookout for new trends in the music business.

Career Management
Advertising and Social Media
Additional Services

We seek to offer a personalized service, according to the stage the band is in, so that we can organize short, medium and long term goals. Creating objectives and actions aimed at the development and greater exposure of your band.

We will work on creating an artistic concept (in case your band doesn't have it), aiming to create an identity (visual and musical). In addition we offer tips for developing a cohesive repertoire and strategies on how to improve your show.

We also offer advice to bands that wish to have their music on the world's leading digital platforms.

We also offer advice and strategies on how to release your new album, EP, single, video clip, to leverage your career.

We believe that social media nowadays has a great impact on our daily lives and in the music scene it is essential to have a good presence on social networks, like Facebook & Instagram in addition to You Tube channels among other mass dissemination platforms.

We base our strategies on social networks but without forgetting the importance of radios (physical and online), blogs and websites specialized in Rock / Metal and physical and digital magazines.

We will help your band to get more exposure in the media every day, but it is very important to point out that this is a cooperation, because it is useless to offer all the support if the band does not share or generate news that we can publish.

This is a cooperation and we will always be in contact with your band!

We offer some additional services for the bands in our cast:

- Studio for Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

- Musical production for bands (musicians hired to record their musical project).

- Logos creation.

- Art creation for your CD, Single, DVD, T-shirts among others.

- Website creation.

- Professional photos for bands.

- Creation of Lyric Videos.

- Video clip filming.

- Assistance in finding a label to release your album.

- Advice for the production of your album independently (CD, Tape, Vinyl).

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