Management Team

Emerson Mordien


Emerson Mordien has always been passionate about music. In 1999, at the age of 10, he started listening to rock and at 13 he already knew what his favorite music style would be: Heavy Metal!

At the age of 15, he started playing guitar and at 17 he started playing bass in his first band called Katastrofobia.

Over the years, he started producing his own events in São Paulo state (the city of São José dos Campos and in the region of Vale do Paraíba) and brought big names like Mystifier, Red Front, Eclyptika, Lluvia Funebre (Chile), Woslom among many other bands .

In 2011 he founded the Doom Metal band Les Memoires Fall and in 2016, he started to work as a manager of the Symphonic Gothic Metal BrightStorm band, where he started to deepen his knowledge in Digital Marketing and Career Management, which made him gain a great experience and turn into his new passion.

Mariela Tomasone was born in Buenos Aires in 1983 surrounded by music! Good music always played at home thanks to her mother who instilled in Mariela with the rock of the 70s and 80s. She also played the guitar and motivated the girl with music because it was easy for her learning melodies on her toy keyboard.


In 1994, at the age of 11, Mariela began studying keyboard. And in 1999 she learned some guitar in high school thanks to her best friend, a Metallica and Marilyn Manson fan.

She studied Tourism, Dance and in the last years she deepened her knowledge in social media. Although everything she learned is still within her, she did not dedicate herself to play in a band, today she is dedicated to tourism and gastronomy.

The bond  she have with music is so great that it motivated her to participate as Community Manager for the EM Music Management networks, working together with Emerson Mordien to reach a massive diffusion of the bands in our cast.

Mariela Tomasone

Community Manager