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Doom Metal, heavy, dark and at the same time full of feelings is what you can expect from Les Memoires Fall. A band that with each launch seeks to innovate and bring new sounds, but without losing its characteristics, creating unique sounds, which at times is difficult to label.
If you are looking for a band that brings new sounds to Doom Metal, don't miss the melodies of Les Memoires Fall.



Doom Metal band from the city of São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil. Les Memoires Fall was founded in 2011 by Emerson Mordien (bass and vocals).

So far, a split was released in 2012 with the band Lugubres with 3 songs each. In 2014 the first album "Endless Darkness of Sorrow" came out, which made the band gain prominence in the Brazilian and South American Doom Metal scene. Promoting the album, the band participated in the Doomsday festival in São Paulo for an audience of over 300 people and was invited to open for the Benediction in São José dos Campos.

Les Memoires Fall did a successful mini tour with 2 shows in southern Brazil and also participated in a collection called "Cathedrals of Doom" with 4 more bands from Europe, which helped the band to spread its name around the world.

In 2016 an EP called "Dying Dried" was released in digital format containing 2 new songs.

In 2020, the band released their second album, entitled "The Tree: Yarns of Life", containing 6 new songs. The CD was released by the Black Hearts Records label.

In October 2020 with a version of "Like a Perpetual Funeral" the band participates in the Brazilian Tribute to My Dying Bride.

In 2021 the band participates in several online festivals and prepares for the release of 2 splits: "Legiones del Pantano", with the participation of 3 more bands from South America and which will be released on tape in Bolivia by the Satan's Grind e  label" Dying Dreams", split with the German band Imparity and will be released on vinyl in Germany, on cd in Argentina by Herrecords and on tape in Bolivia.

The band's current lineup is Emerson Mordien (Bassist / Vocalist), Alessandro Grou (Guitarist) and Shiroma (Drummer).

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