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An amazing wall of sound, apocalyptic and experimental, combined with a brutal vocal make Umbilichaos one of the most interesting projects in recent years. A project led by the competent Anna C Chaos, guitarist, vocalist, programmer and feminist trans lesbian songwriter.

An amazing and innovative project!



Umbilichaos is a slow and crushing solo project, from São Paulo-Brazil, started in 2007 by artist Anna C Chaos. Songwriter, poetess, guitarist, singer, sound programmer and feminist trans woman.


As Umbilichaos, she creates a sound experience abolishing conventional structures in favour of a cinematic take, evoking the most diverse thoughts and emotions. Inspired by Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, Neurosis, Godflesh, Melvins, Earth, Swans, Death, Sepultura, Meshuggah, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth, Black Flag & Portishead.


With 11 records and other releases to the date, searches for the construction of an epic and apocalyptic sound language, in constant evolution.


In 2019, Umbilichaos released 2 singles and her 10th record, played in the 14th Sinfonia de Cães Fest, and 6th Obscuro Fest, both important underground events for punk, experimental and heavy music; the closing show in 17th Lesbian and Bissexual Women Walk.


Umbilichaos also toured at South Brazil, and a first tour in Europe, playing in venues like Kopi, Tommyhaus, ACU & Poortgebouw. During 2020, there were performances at the Punk Art Fest and Free Women VI Fest (in celebration for March, 8th). 

Next gigs, along with a second Europe tour, were canceled due the Covid pandemic. Meanwhile, new singles Vast Horizon, Paths Pt 01, Via Crucis Pt 02 (2020 version), and the record Filled by Empty Spaces were released.


Along with a recorded video performance in quarentine, for the online 18th Lesbian and Bissexual Women Walk.


In 2021, new release To Become Unreal, and announcement of the re-recording of the first eight albums, starting with Entrails Redux in November. At this moment her music is being released by Brazilian label Sinewave.

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