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Masterful works that marked a whole generation of heavy and slow music cult.
Silent Cry is synonymous with beauty. Everything is done with great taste, refined, melodious but without losing heaviness. It is impossible for you to say that you like Brazilian Gothic Doom and have never heard of Silent Cry. Albums like "Remembrance", "Goddess of Tears" and "Darklife" have become classics of the style.
We invite you to enjoy the masterful melodies of this one, which is one of the main, if not the main band of this style in Brazil.



In 1993, in the city of Governador Valadares, in Minas Gerais, Silent Cry was born. From the beginning,Funeral Doom sound, with the demo "Tanatófilo, Opulente Plenilúnio", until the irreproachable crack of "Tears of Serenity", "Remembrance" and "Goddess of Tears". The band has always excelled for quality, versatility, with striking melodies and for many times fascinating. That made the band become the greatest representative of the Brazilian Gothic Doom style and reference for countless bands that came later.

"Dance of Shadows" and "Darklife" raised the bar even further and took the band to countless shows across the country. Highlighting performances at 2 BMU (in 2004 and 2006) and invitations to open for After Forever shows, Evergrey, Epica, Sepultura and others. Years later, the band put on a successful show at the Roça N ’Roll festival in 2014, alongside big names in national and world metal. After a long period without releases, Silent Cry is reborn with the album "Hypnosis", released in 2016 and which obtained excellent public and media repercussions.

In 2020, a major project begins. From the interior of Brazilian forests, the new Silent Cry album will be born. Nature's energy will run through our veins and reveal its secrets to us. The project already has a name: “TERRA”. From total silence to the deepest connection, we will be immersed in the fullness of Mother Earth. All of this will be documented and the fan will have the opportunity to feel part of the whole process. In addition to the album, which will be conceptual and documentary, an illustrated book will be released with the entire history of Silent Cry. All of this material is scheduled to be released in July 2022 and this will be a treat for all of the fans who have supported the band since the beginning.



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