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WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS: New music video released by the band

The Chileans of WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS keep working hard and proving why they are one of the most important bands in the current South American scene. After winning the "Escuchar 2021" award for best extreme metal album with the album "Conquering the Deep Cycle", the band has just released their newest music video for the song "Chucao", from the aforementioned album.

The video, whose recording was delayed for over a year and a half due to the pandemic, was filmed in August 2021 in southern Chile (in Panguipulli, Paillaco and Valdivia), as well as some footage in Santiago. It was directed by Lucho Villegas, director of film Vitae, and Joaquín Cacciuttolo was in charge of the cameras. In addition, the author of the lyrics, Mario Montecinos, performed in the video, mainly from his own house, where there is a dense forest full of Chucaos.

According to guitarist Juan Acevedo: “...the locations and the script were defined by the personal story that was told. We've been friends with Lucho for years and we've talked a lot about how to make this production. It was intense, 4 days of recording in the south and one in Santiago. Worth it ... "

"Chucao" is a bird that inhabits the forests of southern Chile, it always sings to the people who frequent them, but it never lets himself be seen. "There is a Mapuche legend that says that if Chucao sings for you from the right, the hiker will have luck on the way, but if he sings from the left, it might be better to give up on the trip," adds Juan Acevedo.

Check out the video for "Chucao" below:

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