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WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS: Review by the New Horizons zine!

WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS is a Progressive Death Doom band from Buin, Chile. The band was founded in 2015 and already has 2 albums: the excellent "Anfractuous Moments for Redemption" released in 2017 and "Conquering The Deep Cycle" released in 2019.

And the New Horizons magazine recently review the latest album. In the words of João Messias JR .: "... the quintet that today has Alejandro Ruiz (voice), Juan Acevedo (guitar), Alejandro Bravo (guitar), Mario Urra (bass) and Mauricio Basso (drums) make the song more pompous, heavy and atmospheric. Unite elements of death / doom / prog and Andean music, which attributes originality to the sound of the group. The fusion of styles ends up generating themes that, although they have an average of five minutes, do not bother the listener! .. "

To read the full review, just access the following link:

Below you can see the lyric video for the song "Invisible Mind Workers" and the video clip for "The Flame", both from the album "Conquering The Deep Cycle":

Follow the band on social media:

Weight of Emptiness



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