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WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS: Nominated for best show, in an important award of Chilean music

The "Escuchar" award is an important award for the main Chilean independent Rock / Metal artists. In 2021 there will be the third edition of "Escuchar" and the nominees are chosen by judges from the independent scene and the Chilean specialized media, rewarding bands in different categories.

In this 2021 edition, the Progressive Death Doom band WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS, has just been nominated in the category of Best Show, with their performance at the Festival "Lado Salvaje" in Mendoza, Argentina in 2018. This was the first time that The band crossed the Andes border to perform in the neighboring country and had an epic context, since it was the first performance of bassist Mario Urra, who had joined the band just a month earlier. This show brought a great prestige to the band, which the following year ended up returning to Argentina for shows in 2 major festivals: "La Campana del Infierno" and "Criminal Metal Camp"

Check out the video for the song "The Flame", extracted from this show held in Mendoza, Argentina:

Weight of Emptiness, in 2018, was also nominated in the "Best Extreme Metal Album" category, with the album "Anfractuos Moments For Redemption".

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