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WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS: Band wins important Chilean music award

A few weeks ago, we commented here that Weight of Emptiness had been nominated in 2 categories for "Escuchar", the most important award in Chilean independent music.

Weight of Emptiness won one of the most important awards in "Escuchar 2021", the "Best Extreme Metal Album" with "Conquering The Deep Cycle", released in 2019. The event was held last Sunday (01/31) and it's celebrating all the hard work that Chileans have been doing since 2015, the year of its foundation.

Regarding the award for "Best Extreme Metal Album", guitarist Juan Acevedo comments: "This award we received is very important to us, as it highlights the work of independent rock and metal bands in Chile. Being highlighted as Best Extreme Metal Artist, in a country where there are tremendous bands of the style, it is an honor and it energizes us to continue working hard, as we have been doing since the band began. It encourages us to continue to remain unshakeable "

Weight of Emptiness, which since its foundation, has released 2 full albums ("Anfractuous Moments For Redemption" and "Conquering The Deep Cycle"), in addition to shows in Argentina and tours in Mexico and Europe, is composing its third album , which has not yet been released.

Check out the video for "The Flame", released on the album "Conquering The Deep Cycle":

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