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SETFIRE & WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS: Bands are cast at the Extreme Sound Records Online Festival

Updated: May 5, 2021

Next Friday, April 30, at 7:30 pm, the 3rd edition of “Extreme Sound Records - Online Festival“ will be held. This edition will be celebrate 4 years of the Extreme Sound Records label and label.

In this edition, the festival will feature the presentation of 14 national and international bands, two bands from EM Music Management who will be present in the cast. They are: Setfire that will show all its competence with its Death / Thrash Metal, directly from São Paulo and the Chilean Weight of Emptiness with its Melodic Death Doom from Buin.

The festival's broadcast will take place on Youtube from the Extreme Sound Recods label and on Facebook on the “Eu Apoio o Metal Nacional” page.

Confirm your presence on the event's Facebook page:


Extreme Sound Records Online Festival - 3rd edition

Date: April 30

Time: 19:30 hrs

Location: YouTube and Facebook

Follow the bands on social media:


Weight of Emptiness



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