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LES MEMOIRES FALL: Review of the new album, on the Metal na Lata website!

LES MÉMOIRES FALL continues in final preparations for the release of their new album, titled "The Tree: Yarns of Life", to be released on 06/29, via Black Hearts Records.

And the first review have already begun to appear on the new album. The Metal Na Lata website published a review of the album by Fabio Miloch with his impression of "The Tree: Yarns of Life".

On the album, Fabio Miloch comments:

"The Tree: Yarns Of Life" begins beautifully with its art and this beauty extends to the concept and content: six tracks of a charged and scattered Doom Metal full of phrases that refer to both the classics of lost time and the contemporary.

To read the complete review of the disc, see the following link:

The presale of the new album is now available on the Black Heart Records website, with a 40% discount, until 06/29/2020. To buy the album, just access the following link:

For more information on Les Mémoires Fall, access the following link:



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