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LES MEMOIRES FALL: New live video is released

April 09, 2022! This was the date on which one of the biggest festivals of the year took place in São Paulo, when some of the main Gothic, Symphonic and Doom Metal bands from Brazil joined: Silent Cry, BrightStorm, Revengin and Les Mémoires Fall. The festival was held at the Jai Club and brought together many lovers of the style who left ecstatic.

And to remember this day, Les Mémoires Fall, which was responsible for opening the event at the Jai Club, released the video of one of the songs presented that day, the track "Spring", released on the acclaimed album "The Tree: Yarns of Life" from 2020. The audio and video was captured by Hadas Gev and made available by Les Mémoires Fall on their youtube channel, without any change from the original audio and video.

Emerson Mordien comments on the video: "This is a great treat for the band's fans and for those who were present that day and want to reminisce a little about the performance of Les Mémoires Fall. We thank everyone who has supported us in these 11 years of band, we are very happy with the current moment of the band and soon we have news for you".

Check out the live music video for "Spring" below:

At the same time, Les Mémoires Fall recently announced its festival, the LMF Doom Festival, which will take place on 08/13 at Container☆DC☆ in Diadema and will feature the bands HellLight, Beholder's Cult, Weedevil, Giant Jellyfish, Umbilichaos and of course Les Mémoires Fall. Tickets are now available and you can purchase now at the link below:

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