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LES MÉMOIRES FALL: LMF Doom Festival line-up announced

Les Mémoires Fall since 2011 has been raising the flag of Brazilian Doom Metal, in several parts of the world, with great partnerships with South American and European bands, as was the case of the splits released in 2021 with the band Imparity from Germany and the split "Legiones del Pantano" with the bands Funeral of Souls (Argentina), Lachrima Corphus Dissolvens (Bolivia) and Vermiforme (Uruguay).

Now in yet another new initiative by the band, Les Mémoires Fall has just announced its own festival, the LMF Doom Festival, aimed at Doom Metal bands and aspects of the style. For this first edition of the festival, the band invited some of the main bands of the style today: Beholder's Cult (Doom Metal - Brasília), HellLight (Funeral Doom - São Paulo), Weedevil (Stoner / Doom - São Paulo), Giant Jellyfish ( Psychedelic Stoner Doom - Santo André), Umbilichaos (Post / Noise / Doom - São Paulo).

This first edition will be held at Container☆DC☆, in the city of Diadema, on 08/13 (Saturday) from 5 pm. The event will have 2 stages, where at the end of each show on one stage, the next one on another stage begins. Tickets are now available through Sympla and you can now purchase your entry at the following link:

To get in the mood for the festival, check out the latest video clip released by Les Mémoires Fall, for the song "Winter":

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