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LES MEMOIRES FALL: Participating in a Brazilian tribute to 'My Dying Bride'!

The band LES MEMOIRES FALL, one of the exponents of Brazilian Doom Metal, continues to promote their newest album "The Tree: Yarns of Life", which was released on June 29th by the Black Hearts Records label and has received excellent public reviews and media.

Following with the preparations to mark the 10th anniversary of the band's formation, which will be celebrated in 2021, the band has just announced that it will be part of a Brazilian tribute to the great My Dying Bride, which is completing 30 years of activity this year (2020).

The tribute was designed by Tiago Monteiro, from the bands Ode Insone and Aporya and will feature 17 other bands from the Brazilian scene. The art was designed by Dewindson Wolfheart of 2nd Skin Design and also vocalist of the band Wolfheart and The Ravens (ex Ravenland).

The tribute line-up will feature the following bands: Les Memoires Fall, The Cross, Ode Insone, Evictus, Aporya, Soulsad, Eternal Sorrow, Silentio Mortis, A Sorrowful Dream, Lacrima Mortis, Mortiferik, Scarlet Peace, Wolfheart And The Ravens, Imago Mortis, Volkmort, Contempty, With Blood and Agony Voices.

More information and the list of songs that each band will perform will be announced soon. In the meantime, check out the Lyric video for the song "Creation", featured on Les Mémoires Fall's new album:

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