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EM Music Management: Revengin and Weight of Emptiness confirmed at Peruvian festival!

World Master Rocks, a project created by Kto (writer and vocalist of the Peruvian band Kaupas) and Clarita Huarniz, with the purpose of helping the most needy children of the Andes and as it's first initiative, the Tinkuy Rock Festival was created, which will have its first edition on 08/29 and will air on "Ear Candy" in Peru (

And in this edition there will be bands from various countries in South America. From Brazil, Revengin, bringing their Symphonic Metal with great heaviness. The band is currently wrapping up their new album, still without a name or a set release date.

And directly from Chile, bringing all the heaviness and melody of their Progressive Death Doom, the band Weight of Emptiness, which continues to promote their latest album "Conquering The Deep Cycle", released in 2019 through Australis Records.

To follow all the news of the festival, follow the Facebook page:

Check out the latest video clip from the band Revengin, of the song "Even Never" from their latest album "Cymatics" and next, the clip of "Unbreakable" by Chileans from Weight of Emptiness:

Follow the bands on social media:


Weight of Emptiness



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