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BRIGHTSTORM: With messages from fans around the world, a new video clip is released

The band BRIGHTSTORM, in recent years, has attracted many fans around the world, highly motivated by their excellent music, the charisma of its members and by all the attention they have always give to their fan base, as they are always very active on social media. Socially, the so-called "BrightStormers" as they are often called, are always interacting with the band and vice versa.

Once again, proving that their fan base is always active, they just released their new video clip, for the song "Let Me Fly". The clip was produced by Danilo Ramos of Filmaria Produções and featuring fans from all over the world, including Germany, Argentina, Scotland, the United States, Norway, Poland and, of course, Brazil.

In an amotional video, which intertwines the members of the band with the messages of their fans, the music and the video are an encouragement due to the whole situation that we unfortunately face in the world, which is the social isolation caused by Covid.

Vocalist Naimi Stephanie: "It was one of the most exciting experiences I've had with BrightStorm, seeing the fans joining us, wishing the world a good vibe. That makes us even stronger to keep going."

Check out the exciting "Let Me Fly" video:

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