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BRIGHTSTORM: With a message of self-love, the band's new music video is now available

Every day in our lives, we face great challenges and situations that often get out of our control and that end up shaking us mentally, emotionally and also physically. These problems are even greater when it comes from people close to us. Whether by abusive relationships or by "friends" and family that instead of helping with words of support, prefer to lower or repress our desires and goals. The resentment and pain in these cases is often even greater.

And bringing a message to listeners about self-love, the band BRIGHTSTORM has just released their new music video for the song "To Follow My Heart". In the words of vocalist Naimi Stephanie: "This song is about following our paths, about having an affectionate relationship with ourselves. It also talks about how we must never become emotionally dependent on someone to survive. come back, we need to love and accept each other first. This is very important."

The lyrics were written by Hadas Gev, the music was produced by Celo Oliveira and the video was directed and recorded by Émerson Lima from Estúdio Polvo, at Teatro Capitólio in Cruzeiro, in the interior of São Paulo. BrightStorm had the support of Metal no Vale, to obtain the authorization to film in the place and also of the Praxe Rock store and the Argentine Diego Moyano with the costumes.

Check out BrightStorm's new music video, "To Follow My Heart", below:

At the same time, BrightStorm is finalizing its new album, which is expected to be released at the end of the first semester. The band is available for concerts. To bring BrightStorm to your city, just send a message to .

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