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BRIGHTSTORM: New music video released, inspired by the movie Mad Max

BrightStorm has become a reference when it comes to Symphonic Metal in Brazil. The first album “Through The Gates”, released in 2017, was well liked by the media and fans of the style, for the quality of the songs and for the excellent work in producing the album.

Three years since the release of the first album, with intense promotion, important shows in their career such as the opening for Delain and Vuur in São Paulo and a legion of fans that grows every day, the band is getting ready to start the recordings of their newest album, still unnamed and with no release date.

As a starter for the fans, the band has just released their new single, named "My Mind". The single was released with a neat video clip, with an impeccable production and beautiful interpretation of the musicians. The concept of the video was inspired by the film Mad Max, with its conception of the post-apocalyptic future.

About the lyrics, vocalist Naimi Stephanie comments: “It's a song about fighting those negative thoughts that torment the mind, that hold us back and don't let us move on. A song about overcoming the internal demons that end us and that people often don't even know we have. Even in the midst of all this chaos, we can break free and breathe again.”

The song was produced by Celo Oliveira, while the video clip was produced by Carol and Bruno from Vibrante Filmes with the collaboration of the band's fans who are credited at the end of the video.

Check out the new BrightStorm video clip, “My Mind”:

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