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BRIGHTSTORM: Live for O Subsolo!

With the advent of the pandemic, caused by Covid-19, the so-called "lives" became very popular on both Facebook and Instagram and this ended up being the outlet for many bands to stay active and even closer to their fans. And one of the bands that is always in contact with their fans, are BrightStorm from Brazil, who at the end of June released their new Video Clip for the song "Let Me Fly" and had the participation of fans from all over the world. (Video at the end)

And this Monday (07/07), at 8 pm, there will have a super cool and relaxed conversation with vocalist Naimi Stephanie, which will be led by Angie Ramms from the O Subsolo website. The chat will be live on the portal's instagram. (@osubsolo).

If you have any questions to ask in this live, send them to the Instagram of the O Subsolo website, and they will be answered by the vocalist.

Check out the latest video clip released by the band, for the song "Let Me Fly", from the album "Through The Gates", released in 2017:

Follow the band on social media:



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