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Thrash Metal coming straight from the 80s, with sharp riffs and sometimes fast and slow rhythms. All the power and experience of a band that is constantly growing and will continue to mark its name in the history of Brazilian metal.
Brazilian Thrash Metal at its very best with the band EROS!




The band EROS was born in a historical context of the cold war, with great threats of a global war and the beginning of the terrorist attacks. This scenario is represented in the lyrics of the songs and certainly influenced the aggressive style of the band, with fast songs led by the riffs and a lot heavy on the guitar.

EROS original lineup is from the mid-eighties. It went through several formations until he stabilized as a Power Trio. 


The band was formed by two friends who studied at Pedro II school, Themys Barros and Cláudio Maurício. Both lovers of heavy metal, the bands that influenced at the time were Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. The founders played the same instrument, guitar.


Several bassists, drummers and vocalists passed by. Marcos Klajman, drummer, appears as the best for the style of the band. Shortly after Marcos' arrival, Cláudio Maurício decides to follow his profession of biologist and leaves the band. Themys and Marcos begin to try other musicians. By that time Themys had already taken over the vocals. In one of the tries for a second guitar, along with the guitarist comes the bassist Klayton, who played in place of the bassist of the band who missed the rehearsal. His performance was very aggressive and took over the EROS four strings. 

The presence of bassist Klayton was so remarkable that the band took on the formation of Power Trio and started recording the record (vinyl). The first and only EROS album at that time was ready in 1989 and released in 1990 by Heavy Records. The compositions of the songs are by Themys Barros. The arrangements have the participation of the three musicians. The lyrics are by Marcos Klajman, with the exception of Prophet Word (Themys) and Terrorist (Cláudio / Themys). The album released in 1990 has a strong influence from Metallica, Slayer, Exodus, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.

The thrash metal band EROS, returned after 25 years of their last show. In 2016 the band initially formed as a power trio - Themys Barros (guitar and voice), Klayton Souza (bass and vocal backing) and Marcos Klajman (drummer), EROS returned to activity with a new formation, with the same proposal and more influences.

The current line-up includes Themys Barros (guitar and vocals), Gabriel Barros (drums), Rafael Marins (guitar and backing vocals) and Thomas Abrantes (bass). The news in the new line-up is the second guitarist. The band leaves the original Power Trio lineup and moves on to the classic Thrash Metal lineup.


With this formation, the band participates in several festivals in 2016 such as Hell in Rio and Maniacs Metal Meeting (SC), as well as other shows between Rio and São Paulo. This formation was also responsible for the recordings and release of the Single “Assassin” (2017) which was released simultaneously with an animated clip, as well as the EP “Back With Wisdom” (2018) which was the re-recording of four songs from the album Road to Wisdom, from 1990, with new arrangements and the presence of the second guitar. The old compositions acquire the influence of the new guitar, already embedded in the sound, increasing the sound blocking. Some guitar solos were changed, giving space to the guitar of Raphael Marins and the other most outstanding solos remained with Themys Barros.

In 2018, the band released the single "Mind Control". In 2019 the Single "Mind Control" gets a Lyric video in animation and the band begins to prepare a new album that should be recorded in 2020, however, the work is delayed due to the pandemic that emerged in 2020.

Still in 2019, bassist Thomas Abrantes decides to leave the band and return to his original instrument, the Guitar. But Thomas continues to participate in the work as director of the clips that the band releases, even already in production of another single that will be released along with a clip.

In 2020, despite all the problems involved in the music and entertainment industry, EROS released the clip of “Universal Warrior”, the style of the animation is of the movie “Heavy Metal Universe in Fantasy”, back in the 80s. Also in 2020 the lyrics video of the song “Atomic Messenger” was released, which brings together some photos of the band in action at the shows held after their return to the stage.



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