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EROS: Released New Lyric video

Updated: May 5, 2021

After much anticipation, the new lyric video for the song "Judgment Day" is already online, which features vocalist Bruna Rocha, from the Symphonic Metal band REVENGIN!

"Judgment Day" is born from the observation of the behavior of humanity. A lot of radicalism, racism, feminicide, intolerance, insane snipers, aggression against children, in short, all kinds of atrocities happening and being naturalized as if they were normal things.

Regarding the participation of vocalist Bruna Rocha, Themys (vocalist, guitarist and founder of EROS) comments: "This mix of folly and irrationality made me think of that lyrics. It is a form of alert and at the same time a regret. music would have to portray all that sadness. That's when I heard vocalist Bruna Rocha's voice. Her voice is a true instrument. Lyrical voice, firm, with power and mainly with a lot of interpretation.

Thus, the music needed a climate where Bruna's voice and interpretation stood out. The sequence of chords where she soles were made with the angelic voice in mind, capable of touching the soul of those who listen".

Check out the new Lyric video for "Judgment Day" by the band EROS:

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