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SILENT CRY: New vocalist and new album information announced!

The band Silent Cry, one of the pioneers of Doom Metal in Brazil, recently announced that they are working on the successor to the album "Hypnosis", released in 2016. The album will be called "Terra" and is scheduled for release in July 2022.

The vocalist, guitarist and founder of the band, Dilpho Castro comments on the new album: "Terra is the title of the next Silent Cry album, successor to the acclaimed Hypnosis, the album is in the process of being composed. We will be informing all the details of it, which is by far the biggest project of my life, there are many things involved that will be released at the right time, what I can say is that Terra is a concept album that will be recorded within the Brazilian forests, we will take the studio there, Terra goes beyond the launch of a new Silent Cry album, Terra will bring the option of the fan to acquire a book with all the illustrated history of Silent Cry, believe me, this band is not short of stories, the book is being written by a competent fan / writer. Added to the album and the book, we will have a documentary of the recordings of the album in the forest, every procedure will be recorded and made available. This material is scheduled to be available in July 2022."

In addition to the new album, the band announces that Juliana Rossi is the new singer of the band.

Juliana Rossi started her musical studies in 2001 at the André da Silva Gomes Conservatory, after 4 years, continued her studies in Lyrical Singing, at the Souza Lima Conservatory. She studied Classical Singing and specialized in Contemporary Belting.

Her musical career covers many areas of music - with the band HevoraH she played in several cities and states, they opened the show of the Finnish band Nightwish in Via Funchal, they played on the Mtv Covernation Program as a cover of Nightwish and released their authorial EP "In The Company Of Angels". With the band Ravenland she opened shows of the Norwegian band Sirenia, Pain and released the EP "Nevermore". With the band Sattva Rock she played in some venues in São Paulo and launched the singles "Irreal", "Silêncio do Olhar" and "Mãos Atadas". Juliana was invited to sing with the Irish band Cruachan in 2011 and participated in one of the shows by singer Edu Falaschi with the Tour Temple of Shadows in 2019.

Juliana has been a contemporary Belting Singing teacher since 2013. Currently works at Studio Latitude and Equipe Prevent Senior with vocal rehabilitation and choir singing.

Juliana comments on her joining the band:

"I met Silent Cry at the opening of the After Forever show in São Paulo - on the same occasion I did a participation with the band Kavla - I met Dilpho that day and the energy hit me right away, a sensational person that I admire a lot. The years passed, we ended up losing contact - except for social networks.

During this quarantine period I did some collaborations with some friends and in one of them Dilpho was tagged, after a while I had a pleasant surprise: he contacted me to talk about Silent Cry and I was honored by the invitation to take over the vocals.

Silent Cry is a reference in the Gothic Doom segment here in Brazil, I am very happy to be part of this incredible team, I am willing to give my best because everything we do with love tends to work. I'm feeling gratitude".

This Friday, September 11, the band will participate in the Roadie Crew Online Festival, already presenting their new singer.

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