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SILENT CRY: Finished the recording of their new album "Terra"

One of the great exponents of Minas Gerais and national metal, Silent Cry has just finished recording their newest album, entitled "Terra", which is scheduled to be released in the second half of July.

The album will be the first with the new lineup of the band, which now has Juliana Rossi on vocals, Dilpho Castro and Albenez Carvalho on guitars, Roberto Freitas on bass and Jhon Otavio on drums. The debut of this new lineup took place on 04/09, at the Jai Club in São Paulo, in a presentation that left everyone present thrilled and happy with the band's return to the stage.

For the recording of the album, Silent Cry took advantage of coming to the show in São Paulo and met for 10 days at the Fusão studio, owned by producer and vocalist Thiago Bianchi (Noturnall, ex - Shaaman), where they found the perfect environment to to be able to record this one, which is a long-awaited album by the band's fans.

About the conception of this new album, guitarist and founder Dilpho Castro comments: “The new SILENT CRY album is a master plan, from what we've heard from it so far here in the studio, it wouldn't be wrong to say that this album has been written since the year 1994, when a bunch of hairy teenagers got together to express their feelings in the form of music, the result was the birth of Silent Cry itself! That's the first impression I'd like to share with you about this album, it's been written for a long, long time…

Many abstract connections are being inserted into this lament, both in art and theme, music, inside and outside, for this album, the earth is the limit, it is also not being made for anything beyond here! We already have a lot here to see, enjoy and make art out of it all!

The album is an encounter with everything that is connected with everything, in this present moment, “this connects to that, that to the other”, but there is never separation, because you never listen, and this is making sense somehow, you just have to be a detective of this journey.

In it a lonely wanderer sees all his memories being illuminated by the same light that brings life and hope to the earth, and on the other side of this sun's light, there is always confusion, always there is destruction!

And so it is! That wanderer could be me, it could be you, it could be anyone!

The album will also feature the participation of Sueli Ribeiro, who was the lead singer of the band on the demo "Tears of Serenity" and on the classic albums "Remembrance" and "Goddess of Tears". She will participate in the re-recording of the classic song "Remembrance" present on the 1999 album of the same name and which will be released as a bonus on the album "Terra".

While we await more news about the new album, the band recently released a video for the song "Hypnosis", which was recorded and produced by Nida Guimarães at the Roots studio, in Coronel Fabriciano, Minas Gerais. Check out the video below:

In parallel, the band already has an open schedule for the first part of the tour to promote the album "Terra", which is expected to take place between September and October. If you are interested in bringing Silent Cry to your city, you can send an email to or whatsapp +54 9 2901 404141.

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