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SILENT CRY: New video released and participation in Peruvian festival announced!

The band Silent Cry, continues to work on new compositions for their long-awaited new album, which will bear the name "Terra" and which is expected to be released in July 2022. While more information is not disclosed, the band continues to participate in several online festivals in South America, promoting and presenting his new formation, which now includes Juliana Rossi on vocals, Dilpho Castro on vocals and guitar, Roberto Freitas on bass, Lucas Silva on guitar and Jhon Otávio on drums.

It is with this formation, that the band has just made a new video available on its YouTube channel. The video in question is of the song "Tragic Memories", from the acclaimed 1999 album "Remembrance", which won a new version on the 2017 album "Hypnosis" and is now presented in a live version, recorded at Studio Roots in mid August 2020.

Check out the video and the performance of the musicians in the video below:

On October 30, Silent Cry will be participating in the Peruvian festival 'Tinkuy del Rock'. Tickets are already available through Eventrid. All proceeds will be for the benefit of the children in need in the Andes. To purchase your ticket, just access the link below:

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