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SILENT CRY: New video released

The band Silent Cry continues to work on their new album "Terra", which will be another major milestone in the already successful career of the group and which has a release date for 07/11/2022. Meanwhile the band continues to treat their fans, with new videos of the current formation of the band.

The pioneers of the Brazilian Gothic Doom have just released a live session video for the song "Resolution", from the acclaimed album Hypnosis, released in 2017. The audio and video were captured at Studio Roots, with editing, recording and production by Nida.

Below you can check "Resolution" video:

Silent Cry is also in the studio, recording new version of "Turn Up The Night", which will be released in the relaunch of the tribute "Sabbath Brazil Sabbath", in a luxurious version with 3 CDs and scheduled for February 2021.

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