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SETFIRE: New band in the cast of EM Music Management!

Photo by Michel Villares, do MeH Studio

The temperature has risen, because Setfire is here! It is with immense joy that we announce, another great band join the cast of EM Music Management, directly from São Paulo - Setfire!

The band was founded in 2009, in the city of Mauá, Brazil, with the proposal of making a style of Metal, based on Thrash and Death, with influences from bands such as Pantera, Slayer, Lamb of God, Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse and Death, but with personality and professionalism, worthy of the prominence it has received since its beginning.

Setfire already has under their belt the EP "Deserted Land" of 2010, which put the band in prominence in the Brazilian underground scene, mainly after being highlighted in the Garage Demo session of the renowned magazine Roadie Crew. In 2015, the EP "Deserted Land" was relaunched on the cassette version by the North American record label Hotarex, with the songs remastered and the cover redesigned.

In 2020 they released their first album, called "Spots of Blood", which contains 11 killer tracks and another bonus track called "Horror Film", which shows all the versatility of Setfire and why it is one of the bands that has attracted the most attention in the Brazilian metallic scene!

Setfire also stands out for its explosive concerts, always with an absurd quality and impressive stage presence, which make the audience on fire at a band show.

The band continues promoting the album "Spots of Blood" and intends, after the end of the pandemic, to make a tour promoting the material. Check out the video clip released by Setfire for the song "Paralyzed":

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