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SETFIRE: 'Making of' the video clip "Paralyzed" released

Photo by Michel Villares, do MeH Studio

Setfire has always stood out for the quality of their releases and that their shows always bring overwhelming performances, setting the stage on fire and leaving no one standing still for a minute.

In April of this year, Setfire released the music video for the song "Paralyzed". The song was released on the album "Spots of Blood", the video was directed by Michel Villares of M&H Studio and filmed at Espaço Som, in São Paulo. The video had great repercussion from the media and fans.

Now, as a treat for the fans and to close the year 2020, the band has just released the 'Making of' of the recordings of "Paralyzed". In just over 7 minutes, you'll be able to watch a little bit about the process of recording the clip and behind the scenes.

Check out the Making of the music video for the song "Paralyzed" below:

Celebrating the band's 11th anniversary, Setfire is making available every Tuesday at 7 pm a documentary featuring fans, friends and personalities of Brazilian heavy music such as Vitor Rodrigues (Tribal Scream, ex-Torture Squad and Voodoopriest), Marcus D'Angelo (Claustrophobia), André Rod (Attomica) and Carlos Louzada (Vulcano) among others. 6 videos of the documentary are already available and you can watch the first one at the link below:

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