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SETFIRE: First part of the band's 11-year documentary released!

Photo by Michel Villares, do MeH Studio

Since the beginning of Setfire (even before the band born, when they were still called Territory Hostile and paid tribute to Pantera and Sepultura), the band always "burned" on stage, with overwhelming performances by the musicians and a lot of technique. That ended drawing the attention of both the public, the media and the bands with which they shared the stages. This gave Setifre, over the years, a loyal fan base that always accompanies the band, wherever they play.

And with 11 years of history, Setfire decided to treat the fans and celebrate their entire trajectory with a documentary, which will be divided into parts and made available on the band's YouTube channel with english subtitles. This documentary will feature testimonials from fans, friends and great personalities of Brazilian heavy music, such as Vitor Rodrigues (Tribal Scream, ex-Torture Squad and Voodoopriest), Marcus D'Angelo (Claustrofobia), André Rod (Attomica) and Carlos Louzada (Vulcano) among others.

The first part of the documentary is now available and you can check it out in the video below:

Setfire this Friday will be one of the attractions of the Eighth Edition of the Roadie Crew Online Festival, which will be held on the YouTube channel (roadiecrewmagtv) on November 13, from 7 pm (GMT -3).

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