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SETFIRE: Confirmed at the Roadie Crew Online Festival!

Since the pandemic began, many artists, producers and the entire sphere of musical entertainment, had to reinvent themselves for the market to remain active, while waiting for normal post-Covid 19 activities to return. One way was to start produce online shows and festivals, bringing together several bands, where each plays their music in quarantine format (or better saying, each member of the band in their respective homes).

One of the first online festivals that took place in Brazil was the Roadie Crew Online Festival, which has already brought heavy bands in its first 7 editions, such as Sepultura, Shaman, Viper, Torture Squad, Silent Cry. Roadie Crew Online Festival now just announced the line up of its seventh edition, to be held on November 13 at 7:30 pm.

The temperature are rising, since one of the bands announced for this eighth edition, is the São Paulo Thrash / Death Metal band Setfire! With 11 years on the road, the band promises to bring an overwhelming performance, which will leave viewers astonish and thirsty to be able to watch the band live. The festival will mark the official debut of new bassist Lucas Bernardes, who recently joined Setfire.

In addition to Setfire, other major bands will also be part of the festival's eighth edition, such as Vulcano, Holocausto, Azul Limão, Pettalom and the new band by Vitor Rodrigues (ex-Torture Squad), named Tribal Scream. To watch the festival, just access the YouTube channel of Roadie Crew on November 13 (roadiecrewmagtv).

To get ready for the festival, check out the video clip of "Paralyzed", by the band Setfire, extracted from the excellent album "Spots of Blood" (2020):

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