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REVENGIN: The official video for "Even Never" is out!

Taking advantage of the quarantine period, the band REVENGIN has been gathering footage from their successful trajectory on the Symphonic Metal scene and is bringing various gifts to their fans.

One of the latest news is that the band made the video for the song "Even Never" available. This song from their first album Cymatics, which came out in 2012 but was relaunched in 2014 by British record company Secret Service Records.

The video features footage from 2 shows held at Boerderij Cafe Zoetermeer and Musicon The Hague in the Netherlands, as part of their 2016 European tour in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Germany.

Meanwhile, the band is in the final process of mixing and mastering their new album, which will be released between September and October.

Watch the video of the song "Even Never":

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