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REVENGIN: New bassist entry announced!

Symphonic Metal band REVENGIN announces that bassist Pedro Scarpelli is no longer part of the band. The departure happened amicably among the musicians and was due to personal reasons. Revengin wishes a lot of success in the future projects of Pedro.

To complete the team again, Revengin announces that Emerson Mordien is their new bass player!

Emerson started playing guitar at 15 years old and at 17 he started playing the instrument that would change his life: the bass. Over the years, he joined several bands within Rock and Metal, with emphasis on the bands Katastrophobia (Grind / Crust), Mellinne (Gothic / Heavy Metal) and since 2011 he founded Les Mémoires Fall (Doom Metal), with which is active until the present day.

The musician, with the bands mentioned above, shared the stage with great national and international metal bands, such as Girlschool, Sirenia, Mayan, Benediction, among others and now after years away from the Symphonic Metal scene, Emerson returns to his roots to join forces with Revengin.

Emerson comments on his entry in the band Revengin: "I was very happy and honored by the invitation to join the band, since I have known Revengin for many years and I even have the CD "Cymatics" and I know the great potential that the group has. The experience of being able to work with these great musicians is already being incredible and it will certainly bring a lot of good things for the future."

The debut of the new bass player is already scheduled! It will be on 10/17 at the festival O Subsolo, starting at 8 pm (GMT -3). The festival can be watched directly on the channel

Until the day of the festival arrives, check out the band's latest release, the Lyric Video of "Pale Soul":

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