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REVENGIN: Keep producing a high quality Symphonic Metal in a new music video!

The band Revengin was founded in 2008, in the city of Rio de Janeiro and since then the band has been gaining a great prominence in the Symphonic Metal scene, always with a lot of professionalism and dedication in each new release.

Once again Revengin surprises with the high quality of its new music video "Dance Around The Flames". Heavy guitars, bass and consistent drums, beautiful orchestrations and the powerful vocal of Bruna Rocha. This is the third single from the new album, which will be released in the first quarter of 2021. More information about the new album will be announced soon.

The song "Dance Around The Flames" was produced and recorded by Rômulo Pirozzi, at Piro-Z Studios in Rio de Janeiro and mixed and mastered by Rene Heimans of MaXxive Productions in the Netherlands. The video clip was filmed at the Drummer School Jorge Casagrande in Rio de Janeiro and edited by Max Volta of Volta Team from Argentina.

Check out the beautiful new clip of Revengin:

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