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REVENGIN: Exclusive EP release announced this Friday!

The band Revengin is finalizing the details of what will be their new EP and which will be released in November of this year and in order to treat their fans, the band has just announced the exclusive release of an EP for this coming Friday, 02 / 10.

The EP will be called "Inner Dark" and will feature 3 songs, 2 from the new album: "White Lies" and "Pale Soul" and an acoustic version for the classic "Nine Chains of Sorrow" from the album "Cymatics", released in 2014.

The EP will be available exclusively this Friday 02/10 starting at midnight on the band's bandcamp:

To be able to wait for the release of the EP, check out a quarantine version of the classic "Nine Chains of Sorrow":

Follow the band on social media:




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