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REVENGIN: Band releases video for “When Fate Calls”

One of the great references of Symphonic Metal in Brazil, the band Revengin, released last Friday the video for the single “When Fate Calls” on their Youtube channel.

When Fate Calls” is the band's newest release and will be part of “Inner Dark” which is set to come out in physical EP.

The video was produced by the band itself, edited by Max Volta from Volta Team in Argentina and the production and recording of the music was done by Romulo Pirozzi at Piro-Z Studios in Rio de Janeiro, with mixing and mastering by Rene Heimans of MaXxive Productions from Holland.

The video clip was recorded at the Jorge Casagrande School of Drummers in Rio de Janeiro.

Check out the video for “When Fate Calls” below:

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