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REVENGIN: Announced a mini tour in Argentina

One of the great names of Brazilian Symphonic Metal, Revengin has just announced that in November it will do a mini tour, visiting Argentina for the first time. The shows will mark the band's return to the stage after a period without shows due to the pandemic and will also mark the entry of bassist Emerson Mordien, who joined the band in October 2020, but wasn`t unable to make his stage debut with the band.

The mini tour will be organized by the production company Argentina Metal Live Night and will feature 2 shows, the first on 11/26 at Vadenuevo and on 11/27 at the traditional Club Tucuman, which has already hosted big shows, such as David Elfesson's solo show ( Ex-Megadeth bass player). Revengin is already preparing a special set list for this tour.

The band recently released their new video clip "When Fate Calls", which is getting a lot of attention from fans and media and you can check it out on the link below:

Follow the band on social media:

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