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ANOUSHBARD: Review of the album "Mithra" made by the Metal Mind Reflections blog!

The band ANOUSHBARD has attracted attention with their new album entitled "Mithra". Released at the end of 2019 independently, the album draws attention for mixing progressive metal with ethnic elements from Iran and a mix of clean and growls vocals.

The album is getting excellent reviews from the specialized media. The Metal Mind Reflections blog, recently published a review where it comments: "... the group's work could be classified as Ethnic Progressive Death Metal, since in the middle of its brutal and well-crafted music, there are musical elements from their native country. Yes, that is what is clear in the music of the group: strong and engaging well-made melodies that make long songs seem to last very little."

To check the full interview, access the link below:

Watch the music video for the song "The Man Who Rides Through the Fire" from the first album of the band "Mithra":

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