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ANOUSHBARD: Iranian Band release new single

After the great success of their first album, the excellent "Mithra", released independently, Anoushbard are already working on their new album, which is still not expected to be released.

Aiming to bring a preview of what will be this new album, Anoushbard has just released a new single and music video for the song "Blacksmith's Apron". About the concept of the song, vocalist and guitarist Sherwin Baradaran comments:

"This song is about one of the famous stories of Shahnameh Ferdowsi. In Persian mythology, Zahhak is embodiment of all evil and ugliness that appear in the world so often and develop destruction. Zahhak in Shahnameh, which includes part of the Iranian mythological history, is the imagination of evil and good and when govern on the world so there is the incarnation of evil, conflict between good and evil in his favor rests with the darkness of fear and repression all over the world.

Evil kissed Zahhak shoulder and two snakes grew. Evil came to his aid and told that two snakes should eat the brains of two youths not to harm him. Thus the days of his reign last a thousand years, until the blacksmith named Kaveh came, his leather tore raised the flag of Freedom, he called people to support Fereidoon and battle with Zahhak and Fereidoon took Zahhak in Alborz Mountain (Damavand)." - finishes the musician.

Check out the video for the song "Blacksmith's Apron" below:

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