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ANOUSHBARD: New band in the EM Music Management cast!

It is with great pleasure we announce a new band in the EM Music Management cast! And this time, it's a band from the Far Middle East! Welcome to the Iranian band Anoushbard!

The band was founded in 2017 by Sherwin Baradaran (guitarist and vocalist) and Siavash Motalebi (guitarist) and opted for a mix of Heavy Metal with Arabic music, sometimes with clean vocals and sometimes with growls voices, providing an epic and unique sound.

The band released their first album in 2019, titled "Mithra", which contains 6 songs and recently participated with the song "Gates of Ctesiphon" in the compilation "Heavy Metal is Alive Vol.1", which was organized by Luis Panteon from the band Funeral of Souls from Argentina and bands from various countries in South America, North America and Africa.

The band, at this time, continues to work on new songs, for what will be their new album, with no release date yet. Below you can listen to the song "Gates of Ctesiphon", from their first album "Mithra".

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