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ANOUSHBARD: First video clip released!

Heavy metal is truly one of the most intriguing, exciting and surprising styles, as every day we find excellent bands from places that we cannot even imagine and that do not have much tradition in the style. But tradition is not always important, especially when we find a band with the quality of Anoushbard from Iran!

Coming from the Far Middle East, the band presents their latest video clip, for the song "The Man Who Rides Throught the Fire", which is present on their first album "Mithra", released in late 2019.

The video clip was produced by Ela Masadi and descrebes by the vocalist and guitarist Sherwin: "The video clip was recorded in two places. The first was the fire temple of Niasar (Isfahan province) and the other was the fire temple of Bazehkhor (Khorasan Province) ".

Sherwin adds: "The main idea of ​​this song is about one of Shahnameh Ferdowsi's Persian stories, Siavash was a legendary Iranian prince from the early days of the Iranian Empire, and is forced to prove his innocence by riding a colossal mountain of fire symbol of innocence in Iranian literature. Before the Arab invasion, the Iranians were Zoroastrians (ancient religion of Iran), who was fire and was a sign of God (Ahoora Mazda). The temple of fire was a holy place to worship God."

Watch the video clip of the song "The Man Who Rides Throught the Fire":

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