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Umbilichaos: New video released and show July 17

Umbilichaos has been gaining recognition in the Brazilian heavy scene every day and largely because of Anna Chaos' struggle to take her music to as many places as possible. In 2021 she decided to do a live session at the Sinfonia de Cães studio in São Paulo and since the beginning of 2022 she has been sharing a song from this live session monthly.

And last Sunday, the artist made available on her youtube channel the track "Vast Horizon, Narrow Paths Pt. 01", the last track of this live session. The audio was mixed and mastered by Renato Gimenez, from the band Vazio and video editing performed by Dani Montero, with assistance from Vinicius Borges.

Check out the video for "Vast Horizon, Narrow Paths Pt. 01" below:

And next Sunday, Umbilichaos at the Kool Metal Fest, which will be held in São Paulo, at the "Tendal da Lapa" from 2 pm. Admission is free and will also feature the bands ROT, Vazio, Blasthrash, Mee and Sad Tortoise x Dom.

The artist is still available for shows in Brazil, South America and Europe. Producers interested in taking Umbilichaos to your city, please send an email to

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