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Powerful and visceral Thrash Metal!
When Setfire enters the stage, it's impossible for you not to rock at the bands' show! A lot of energy, heaviness and professionalism is what you can expect from this, which is one of the main bands of the style in Brazil.
Setfire is ready to hit the biggest stages in the world.


Setfire is celebrating its 11th year in 2020 with the album 'Spots of Blood' released in april. The album contains 12 tracks that demonstrate the death and thrash metal that the group from the city of Mauá, in ABC Paulista Brazil, practices in their more than a decade of existence. Highlight of the album are the track 'The Thin Line' with vocalist Vitor Rodrigues (currently Victorizer and ex-Torture Squad and Voodoopriest), the instrumental 'Souvenirs', the entirely Portuguese 'Macaco ou Rato' and the melodious 'Horror Film'.

The quintet formed by Artur Morais (vocals), Fernando Ferre (guitar), Michael Douglas (guitar), Lucas Bernardes (bass) and Nikolas Marcantonatos (drums) brings to the stage exactly what it promises from the name: the powerful, potent and aggressive thrash and death metal capable of setting the audience on fire with vigorous riffs inspired by the purest and most traditional genre.

​The band is dedicated to its own identity while continuing to follow the lineage of great national heavy music artists such as Sepultura, Krisiun, Korzus, Claustrophobia and Torture Squad, sources of inspiration and holders of the vanguard of the musical universe of Setfire.

The band has positioned itself well in front of critics and audiences. Vocalist Artur Morais was described by Roadie Crew magazine with "technical quality impossible to ignore" and the American website The Metal Den evaluated musicians with "enough talent for ten bands".

In 2015, Setfire was selected from 52 artists of different musical styles by a technical jury formed by conductors and producers to perform at the 4th Culture and Art Festival of Grande ABC.

Setfire also includes in its initiatives the organization of Setfire Fest, a festival that aims to encourage heavy music bands.

The band is formed by Artur Morais on Vocal, Fernando Ferre on Guitar, Michael Souza on Guitar, Lucas Bernardes on Bass and Nikolas Marcantonatos on Drums.



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