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UMBILICHAOS: New band in EM Music Management's cast

EM Music Management is pleased to announce another great artist is joining the agency's cast. We are referring to Umbilichaos, a Post / Doom Metal project conceived by Anna C Chaos, guitarist, vocalist, programmer and feminist trans lesbian songwriter.

With 11 discs, among other releases, Umbilichaos builds an epic and apocalyptic sound language, intense and experimental, in constant evolution. Their music trajectory is marked by tours in Brazil and Europe, supporting feminist and LGBT causes.

Umbilichaos's latest releases were the powerful album “To Become Unreal” and the re-recording of their first album called “Entrails Redux”. The 2 works were released in 2021, in digital format by the Sinewave label.

Listen below for the single from “To Become Unreal Pt. 01”:

For 2022, Anna is working on a new album, in addition to re-recording her second album “Entrails II”. Umbilichaos is also available for shows in Brazil, South America and Europe. Producers interested in bringing Umbilichaos to their city can send an email to .

Follow the band on social media:



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