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Strength Metal Fest: Online edition event takes place this weekend

Updated: May 5, 2021

The first online edition of Strength Metal Fest starts this weekend, with three days of festival taking place on April 18th, 19th and 20th.

Strength Metal Fest arose from the union between Heavy Metal On Line, Metal on Paper, EM Music Management, Stúdio Roots and Sins Underground. The line up consists of 45 bands from seven countries, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, England, Mexico and Iran, divided into 3 festival days, with 15 bands per day.

Check out the Cast below by day and in alphabetical order.

- Sunday (18/04):

Anama (BRA), Anoushbard (Iran), BrightStorm (BRA), Föxx Salema (BRA), Heaven's Guardian (BRA), Hellway Train (BRA), Innerforce (Argentina), Marenna (BRA), Ódica (Ecuador), Revengin ( BRA), Sefirot (Argentina), Soulspell (BRA), The Advent Equation (Mexico), Danann Tuatha (BRA), Wolfheart And The Ravens (BRA).

- Monday (19/04):

Baixo Calão (BRA), Blacksmith (BRA), Drowned (BRA), Faces of Death (BRA), Hatomic (BRA), Kaliarch (BRA), Malicious Culebra (Argentina) Meggera (BRA), NervoChaos (BRA), Póstuma ( BRA), Revolt (BRA), Sacramentia (BRA), Setfire (BRA), Tribal Scream (BRA).

-Tuesday (4/20):

Amen Corner (BRA), Even Vast (England), Heia (BRA), Imago Mortis (BRA), In Apostasia (BRA), Justabeli (BRA), Les Mémoires Fall (BRA), Lillith's Lust (BRA), Miasthenia ( BRA), Misbeliever (BRA), Ode Insone (BRA), Ora Pro Nobis (Argentina), Silent Cry (BRA), Spiritual Hate (BRA) Weight of Emptiness (Chile).


Strength Metal Fest - Online Edition

Date: April 18th, 19th and 20th

Hours: 21: 00hrs

The festival also has a large team of presenters. In addition to the participation of those responsible for the organizing media, the Strength Metal Fest brings the distinguished presence of Carina Langa (Underground Extreme), Nina Stillo (Metal Brazil Program), Wagner Lacerda (Wagão Autoral Channel), Alcides Burn (Burn Artworks), Ricardo Batalha (Roadie Crew / ASE Music Press), Caio César (Caio Indica) Lucas Barrionuevo (SoundBlastMedia), Sidney Oss Emer (The Underground), Leonardo Bode (Bode Metal Nacional), Sérgio Ballof (Headhunter DC) and Chris Choir (String Theory).



Heavy Metal On Line

Metal no Papel

EM Music Management

Stúdio Roots

Instagram: @studiorootspro

Sins Underground

Instagram: @sins_underground



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