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SILENT CRY: The void and fear of Suicide Valley in new single "Absolutely Empty"

In 2021, Silent Cry announced that their new album entitled "Terra" would be released in 2022 and that the album would be one of the biggest projects ever carried out by the band's founder Dilpho Castro, which aroused a lot of curiosity on the part of the band's fans and the media.

After a great show on April 9th ​​in São Paulo, Silent Cry entered the Fusão studio (one of the best studios in Brazil owned by Thiago Bianchi - Notturnal, ex Shaaman) and finished the album "Terra" in 10 days. The album is a conceptual work and according to Dilpho: "it is a rescue... Two friends who were separated by the abyss of death and one will try to rescue the soul of this friend from the Suicidal Valley and each song represents a moment, a scene from that adventure, that this friend goes to the forest and enters into dialogue with Mother Earth".

And Silent Cry has just released the first single from the album Terra, the song "Absolutely Empty". The new single talks about the absolute void, which would be the Valley of the Suicides and talks a lot about the fear that people have of that void. The cover, by Tiago Evaristo, is represented by the arrival of this friend to the Suicidal Valley, where many souls are dying there. The video was made by Nida Guimarães.

Check out Silent Cry's new single "Absolutely Empty" below:

In parallel, the pre-sale of the new album is now available in several formats, where the fan can choose between several package options: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Root, Dark Earth, Economic Earth. Information about packages and how to purchase is at the link below:

The band already has the schedule open for the first part of the tour to promote the album "Terra", which is expected to take place between September and October. Interested in bringing Silent Cry to your city, you can send an email to or whatsapp +54 9 2901 404141.

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