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EM MUSIC SESSIONS: Vocalists team up for a Nightwish's vocal cover.

With the advent of quarantine, due to Covid-19, many artists have taken the opportunity to connect with their fans and partner with other artists, in order to spread their talent and their music to new audiences.

Thus, the idea was born between Babi Bueno (lead singer of the band AnamA), Bruna Rocha (lead singer of the band Revengin) and Naimi Stephanie (lead singer of the band BrightStorm), to record a vocal cover of a great classic by the Finnish band Nightwish.

The chosen song was "Dark Chest of Wonders", which opens the album "Once" and was released in 2004, still with vocalist Tarja Turunem. This is a very energetic song that for a time served as the opening song in the concerts of Nightwish.

Check out the video of this vocal cover, made by the vocalists of the bands AnamA, BrightStorm and Revengin:

In parallel, the band AnamA continues to distribute its acclaimed video clip of "The Tale of The Ripper", which was released on July 30, the same day that Revengin released a beautiful Lyric Video for the song "White Lies", which will be on it`s new album to be released later this year. The band BrightStorm recently released the music video for the song "Let Me Fly" and had international repercussion due to the participation of fans from all over the world, who appear in the video with posters with positive and comforting messages, due to the current critical moment that we live with the pandemic. . Below you can check the latest works by AnamA, BrightStorm and Revengin:

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