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EM MUSIC SESSIONS: Lacuna Coil vocal cover released, with 4 great Brazilian metal vocalists!

EM Music Management was created with the aim of helping metal bands to develop and grow even more in their markets, always with professionalism, confidence and focused on presenting the best performance to their audience, in addition to creating bonds of friendships between the bands and mutual support, since many still think that having a band is a competition, just like in a football championship, where we only have one winner at the end.

After the success of Nightwish's first "Dark Chest of Wonders" vocal cover, which was performed by Babi Bueno (lead singer of AnamA), Bruna Rocha (lead singer of Revengin) and Naimi Stephanie (lead singer of BrightStorm), we are proud to present another cover in our EM Music Sessions.

The new cover in question is from the classic "Heaven's a Lie", by the band Lacuna Coil, released in 2002 on the album "Comalies", a great success for the Italian band. For this cover, performing again Babi Bueno (singer of AnamA), Bruna Rocha (singer of Revengin), Naimi Stephanie (singer of BrightStorm) and joined with Juliana Rossi (singer of Silent Cry) completing the team.

The result was incredible and you can check it at the link below:

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Silent Cry



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