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EM MUSIC MANAGEMENT: AnamA and Even Vast confirmed in Argentine festival!

Heresy Fest is an Argentine festival, celebrated annually by the producer Heresy Videoclips and that each year gains more prestige in the city of Buenos Aires. This year, unfortunately due to the pandemic, the festival moved to an online format for the first time. The first edition was held between June 12 and 14 and was a great success, with great bands in its line-up, such as Weight of Emptiness Chileans, Sinaya Brazilians, Ora Pro Nobis Argentines, among other great bands.

And for the second online edition of the festival, 48 bands were announced! Bands from different countries of the world were chosen, such as England, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and even countries with less tradition in heavy metal, such as Botswana, Algeria and Togo but they all bring a lot quality to the festival. The bands will be distributed during 4 days of the festival (08,09,15 & 16 of August) and will be broadcast directly on the producer's You Tube channel (

One of the Brazilian representatives at the festival will be AnamA! The band, which is about to release a new single, promises to bring all the mix of their experimental metal with symphonic touches, which has attracted the attention of the public and the media with their latest singles "Dogma" and "The Priest". Anothar band straight from England, bringing all of their powerful Sludge Doom, Even Vast! Who last year released the excellent album "Warped Existence", which brings this new sound to the band.

Commenting on the festival and the current situation in which we live, Even Vast bassist Wayne: "Even Vast sends a message that it will take more than a global pandemic to mitigate the spirits of the alternative community, it is very much alive and prosperous and ready to continue to unite and inspire people, regardless of the size or power of the threat, we will continue to grow and not only face that challenge, we will crush it with all the strength of the human spirit, Stay Metal! "

Regarding AnamA's participation in this important Argentine festival, guitarist Caio Garibaldi emphasizes: "I think it will be tremendous to participate in this event, having the opportunity to show our work is always very good and when doing it in such an event, with bands from different parts of the world and above all, in a country other than ours, it is wonderful! Me and the band are very eager to watch live and to get to know and enjoy the sound of the other bands!"

The event will start at 6 pm (Argentina time). To see the full line up of "Heresy Online Fest", just access the link on the producer's page:

Listen to the single "Inside Your Head" by the band Even Vast and and the video clip of the song "Dogma" by the band AnamA:

Follow the bands on social media:


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