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EM MUSIC MANAGEMENT: AnamA and BrightStorm confirmed at Lvna Fest!

With the aim of extolling the female power in national and international underground heavy metal, in 2020 Lvna Art was born. Created by Angie and Mari (two passionate about music and art in general), they gave birth to the project, with a festival in Curitiba, in February this year. In addition they are dedicated to the dissemination of bands on social media, through playlists and other forms of dissemination. (SOURCE: Release Girls to the Front).

In order to continue moving the scene, in this pandemic period, the idea of ​​the second edition of Lvna Fest came up, but this time in an online format that will feature major bands from the national scene and the international attraction BloodHunter from Spain. About the idea of ​​making the festival online, Angie comments: "Initially LVNA was born as an underground physical event, which had its first edition in February of this year. If today we are a promotion page for bands and an online event, it is "thanks" to the pandemic. The idea of ​​the online festival arose from following other editions, such as Metal com Batata (Brazil) or Heresy Fest (Argentina), which inspired us to 'go back to the roots' and return to our origins as a Festival, even if it's virtually.

I also think it is the first edition of Brazil organized by women, with 100% of the participating bands has female members and in favor of a cause that helps women".

The festival will feature excellent bands from the Brazilian national scene, among them AnamA band from the city of São Bernardo do Campo and BrightStorm band from São José dos Campos, both from the state of São Paulo.

Regarding participation in the festival, Babi Bueno, lead singer of the band AnamA comments: "The most beautiful thing about the Lvna fest is that it is a women's event for women. It is about joining music, in the Underground for a greater good, for a social cause. This is representativeness."

Naimi Stephanie, lead singer of BrightStorm adds: "This fest represents the union of women and the strength for our national scene, showing that here in Brazil there are great bands ready to take over the world".

Lvna Fest will also be for the benefit of the NGO Mulheres da Luz, a collective dedicated to promoting citizenship and guaranteeing human rights for women in situations of prostitution in the city of São Paulo. Commenting on the initiative and why they chose the NGO Mulheres da Luz, Angie emphasizes: "The first ideas I exchanged about this online version of the fest were with several of the girls from the bands that will play in this edition, I am proud to call most of them friends, and they were the ones who made a point of raising this flag from the beginning: of helping a cause involving other less favored women.

Me and my LVNA colleague, Mari, searched a lot for an institution or movement to allocate the collaborations until Nina Furtado of the band Haney (insta @haneymusic) referred me to Mulheres da Luz. I read everything I found on the internet and presented the idea to Mari, in less than 24 hours we were decided that this would be the cause we were going to help."

The festival will be held this Saturday, the 29th, from 8 pm (GMT-3) and can be followed directly on the YouTube channel lvnaartfest. Donations to the NGO Mulheres da Luz may be made by PicPay during the festival broadcast through a QR Code that will be available, through bank transfers and other methods available on the website:

To get in the mood of the festival, check out the last video clip released by AnamA, for the song "The Tale of The Ripper" and the latest release by the band BrightStorm, the video clip for "Let Me Fly":

Follow the bands on social media:





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